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6 Degrees of Lou Reed?

6 Degrees of Lou Reed?

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Any artist, song, lyric, video or event connected to Lou Reed.

Any artist, song, lyric, video or event connected to Lou Reed.
Jordan Jacobs
Nov 3, 2012
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Black Yaya - Song For Lou
Deenah Vollmer

Song for Lou

From Black Yaya:

"I've been holding on to this song since Lou Reed passed, now, believe it or not, two years ago!
In High-School, a friend of my older brother André's gave me a tape of The Velvet Underground, the album, and a tape of White Light/White Heat.
Like for many, it changed my life for ever.
I learnt how to play guitar with Pale Blue Eyes and What Goes On, and with The Gift and Sister Ray I started to feel that everything was possible.
It was like if Desolation Row and Revolution were meeting in a perfect place where you didn't have to be The Beatles or Bob Dylan to be the most important artist on the planet. It was like Elvis, like Chuck Berry, except you didn't have to have been there at the birth of Rock & Roll, it was like Steve Lacy and Thelonious Monk, except you didn't need to be a musical theory genius.
It was like all this, but it was like nothing else because it was Lou Reed, and his simple and direct poetry was going straight to my heart, just like his simple and direct voice was piercing my soul.
I love Lou
I grew up with Lou
I Love All Of His Songs
Baby I Love Lou
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6 Degrees of Lou Reed?