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80's New Wave?

80's New Wave?

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Bands that defined an era.

Bands that defined an era.
Ted Cohen
Oct 30, 2012
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Missing Persons - Destination Unknown, 1982 [Spring Session M]

Destination Unknown

This was always a favorite song of mine when I was a child. Lots of people categorize it as "synthpop" or whatever, but we always just referred to this as New Wave -- and New Wave had many subgenres. No one really cared about all these thousands of labels. What I liked about the song, lyrically speaking, was the idea that it kind of tied into a kind of sci fi intrigue or mysteriousness I always appreciated with The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. Always thought the "Life is so strange" refrain to be apropos and pure genius. Dale Bozzio was playing an interesting New Wave character here with the fuchsia-streaked platinum blonde hair, but it's her beautiful, higher pitched voice that I actually found most intriguing and wonderful. She was doing the whole goth nerd thing long before Tim Burton and all her impersonators started 'borrowing' her style. Warren Cuccurullo's guitar playing is memorable here....What I loved about Missing Persons also is the fact that it was New Wave within a (Zappa connection) rock context -- so it wasn't just all synthy, nor did it have a 'cotton candy,' disposable, ephemeral quality some New Wave songs had. Still love the song! When I was thinking of '80s yesterday, this is one of the first songs which came to mind.
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80's New Wave?