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80's New Wave?

80's New Wave?

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Bands that defined an era.

Bands that defined an era.
Ted Cohen
Oct 30, 2012
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Strange Advance - Worlds Away
Jordan Jacobs

New Wave from Space

Actually, Strange Advance was from #Vancouver. This #1982 track has a weird pull on me - whenever it comes on the radio while driving I end up sitting in the car after arriving at my destination to hear the whole song (the second half, starting with the guitar solo, is worth the wait). It has this interesting mix of spacey coldness and high emotion that feels like the tone of the early 1980s height of the Cold War when there was a pervasive sense of distance between us and them (them being the Soviet Union) and a genuine fear that the end of the world was coming via nuclear war and was just one accident or incident away (eg the Sept 1 1983 Soviet shoot down of KAL 007 passenger jet, killing everyone onboard) - a topic constantly discussed in the news and in schools.

The track was produced by #BruceFairbairn, who later became huge producing Bon Jovi, INXS, Aerosmith and many others before dying prematurely in 1999.
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80's New Wave?