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80's New Wave?

80's New Wave?

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Bands that defined an era.

Bands that defined an era.
Ted Cohen
Oct 30, 2012
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Golden Earring - Twilight Zone, 1982

Twilight Zone

Ha! This was one of my favorite songs and videos when I was a child. Loved the Edgerton-like moment when the bullet cuts through the playing card. I was a Twilight Zone connoisseur at the time and watched it every Saturday afternoon, so perhaps there is some connection there. I just never thought of this as a novelty song about the show, though. I didn't know this was a Dutch group until later, but Golden Earring were doing (like Missing Persons) a very rock-oriented variation of New Wave that I've always found appealing if done well. LOVE the video and the song is great. It still holds up after all these years. I also think this video influenced some film directors -- not naming any names!
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80's New Wave?