Milq organizes the world’s favorite things into themed, collaborative playlists. Whether you’re curious about music, sports, fashion, literature, film, food, TV, or comedy (or, like us, all of the above!), discover illuminating conversations between fans, experts, and friends about what you love most.

The best recommendations come from people who care deeply about the details of what they’re showing you. At Milq, that kind of enthusiastic, personal context matters; we’re interested in not only what you love, but why you love it. You can annotate every post in a playlist, whether you’re writing liner notes for a song, video clip, image, or text addition. That’s another beautiful thing about Milq: You can combine lots of different media formats in one place. YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Bandcamp, Vine, and more play flawlessly in the order you choose. (Meaning that that ONE artist you love who doesn’t use streaming services, or that one live performance or rare single you can only find as a video, are no longer off-limits in your mixes! Hallelujah.) You can keep your playlists on Milq or embed them anywhere else on the internet.

When you make an open playlist, you ask a question about a theme and get thoughtful, playable answers from everyone on Milq. (To offer just one example, “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Comedians on Travel?” is a great Milq playlist.) Prefer to just look around? Whether you create your own mixes or not, you can follow people, playlists, and your preferred media outlets to get their updates in your feed as they happen. When you see something you like, you can save great posts to your personal collection—or repost anything you see on Milq into an invite-only playlist that’s just for you and whomever else you want to share it with. Open playlists allow you to collaborate with the world, and invite-only ones are perfect for making something exclusively with the people you choose: Compare the best slam-dunks of all time with your teammates, compile engaging lectures for your students, or put together a podcast primer to show a friend why a particular show is your go-to.

On Milq, it’s easy to find, save, and share compelling discoveries of all kinds. Enjoy playlists, perfected.

How to get started:


Search for things you love (e.g. bands, actors, teams, genres) and dive into the playlists people have added them to. Follow these playlists to stay updated as new posts are added.


Collect the posts you like to build your own version of each playlist (this also lets us give you better recommendations).


When you see someone whose taste you like, follow them to see their activity in your Feed and enhance Milq’s personalized recommendations.


Tap “Add a Post” in any playlist to add content from YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud, then share your post with the world via Twitter and Facebook.


When you are ready to start a playlist, do a search first to make sure there isn’t already one like it.

Thanks again for joining us. See you in the playlists!

Don, Jordan, Tomi and the Milq team