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Africa Music?

Africa Music?

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Music from Africa

Music from Africa
Henri-Pierre Koubaka
Nov 4, 2013
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Bunny Mack - Let Me Love You

Bunny Mack - Let Me Love You (1979)

This is a really popular love song from l'Afrique by Bunny Mack, who was from Sierra Leone but also inextricably linked with the Nigerian music scene of the '70s, as Uchenna Ikonne explained to me. I first heard this song during a taxicab ride as we were getting on the freeway, and I asked the driver if he knew the name of the artist and he didn't know, but I liked the song so much that I literally had to memorize the lyrics while it was playing so that later in the day when I got back home I could find the song!
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Africa Music?