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Afro galaxy?

Afro galaxy?

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I noticed a rich history of black music in outer space.

I noticed a rich history of black music in outer space.
Michael Lebowitz
Aug 16, 2013
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Sun Ra - Disco 3000, 1978

Sun Ra's afrofuturistic disco

I have been studying the topic of the Afrofuturistic discourse for years, and Sun Ra -- along with Sutton Griggs, author of Imperium in Imperio -- is one of the founders, in a contemporary sense. Many people often point to Space is the Place as a good cinematic representation, but you get just as profound Sun Ra revelations in Robert Mugge's 1980 documentary, which I've also posted here on the site. Lately, there seems to have been a revival of interest in presenting Sun Ra's work in a museum or art space context, which is good to see. It would be good to see an adaptation of one of Sam Delany's books with an all Sun Ra score. That would be Afrofuturism overload! I managed to snag a copy from the 2014 Record Store Day (reissue with only 1,500 copies pressed) release of Outer Spaceways Incorporated. I disagree wholeheartedly with those who say you need to start in a specific place when discovering the avant-garde Sun Ra (and the Arkestra's) music. Just start anywhere! Or you can go in chronological order if you like. It's good to look at his music as an unpredictable experimental, cerebral, spiritual journey, so does it really matter where you begin? I feel like the Wikipedia section on 'Sun Ra and black culture' is pure trash not worth reading (as is most of Wikipedia). Black people LOVE Sun Ra. Come on now! A Black woman named Cauleen Smith just did a cool Sun Ra project called Black Utopia I want to find more info about.
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Afro galaxy?