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All Classic Video

All Classic Video

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This Playlist features posts by All Classic Video on YouTube. Follow this Playlist to see new updates in your Feed.

This Playlist features posts by All Classic Video on YouTube. Follow this Playlist to see new updates in your Feed.
All Classic Video
Oct 5, 2015
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All Classic Video - The Ghost Train (1941) - Full Classic Movie
All Classic Video

The Ghost Train (1941) - Full Classic Movie

The Ghost Train is a 1941 English mystery thriller film directed by Walter Forde based on the 1923 play of the same name written by Arnold Ridley.

The film opens on a GWR express train. The communication cord is pulled and the train stops; Tommy Gander (Arthur Askey), a vaudeville comedian has lost his hat and runs back to retrieve it. Returning to the train, he escapes an angry conductor by ducking into a compartment occupied by Jackie Winthrop (Carole Lynne), who Gander flirts with. Another passenger, Teddy (Richard Murdoch), has his eye on Jackie as well, but her companion Richard (Peter Murray-Hill) ejects both of them from the compartment.

The train arrives at Fal Vale Junction, Cornwall, where the passengers -- who also include Herbert (Stuart Latham) and his fiancée Edna (Betty Jardine), Miss Bourne (Kathleen Harrison) and her caged parrot, and the tippling Dr. Sterling (Morland Graham) -- meet Fal Vale's stationmaster Saul Hodgkin (Herbert Lomas). He tells them the last Truro-bound train has gone, and so he is locking up for the night. The passengers insist on staying in the waiting room until transport can be arranged.

Saul tells them the station is haunted. Years ago, a branch line ran from Fal Vale Junction to a port, crossing the river on a swing bridge close to the station. The swing bridge, worked by a wheel on the platform, was kept open for boats, but closed when trains had to cross it. One night the stationmaster, Ted Holmes, had a heart attack while attempting to close the bridge, causing a train to plunge into the river. Ever since, Saul explains, a phantom train has been heard on the abandoned track. It never arrives anywhere, nor does it start from Truro, and is said to kill anyone who looks upon it.

With that, Saul reluctantly leaves the passengers. Gander is sent to fetch some water for tea, but the only source turns out to be a platform water crane, where Gander finds the old bridge wheel, chained and padlocked. He takes the water back, and mentions the wheel to Teddy and Jackie. As the passengers share what little food they have, they hear footsteps outside. Richard opens the door, and Saul Hodgkin collapses into the room. He is carried into the ticket office, where Dr Sterling pronounces him dead. A knock is heard, and they open the door to reveal a terrified young woman in black (Linden Travers). She pleads for help, saying that someone is pursuing her. Teddy sees a car coming down the road. As they watch, the car spins off the road and crashes into a tree. Teddy, accompanied by Gander and Dr Sterling, investigate.

The driver is unhurt, but his car is badly damaged. The four men return to the waiting room, where the driver introduces himself as John Price (Raymond Huntley) and explains that he has come in search of his sister Julia, who he says suffers from delusions. Julia overhears, and emerges from the buffet protesting that he is lying. Price further explains that she once thought she had seen the ghost train, and had retained a fascination for it ever since. The passengers tell him that Saul Hodgkin had told them of the ghost train, but is lying dead in the ticket office. Price goes to take a look, but Saul's body has mysteriously vanished.

Dr Sterling suggests that Julia remains at the station until she is calmer, and Price reluctantly agrees. Some time after he leaves, an approaching train is heard. As the train thunders through the station, Julia smashes a window to look at it, then faints. They hear singing from the tunnel mouth, and see someone wandering towards them. Julia hears it from the waiting room, and claims that Ben Isaacs (D. J. Williams), the sole survivor of the accident, is coming back just as he had after the accident -- out of his mind and singing "Rock of Ages". Teddy shoots at the "ghost", causing it to flee back into the tunnel, leaving behind a bloodstained sheet.

Arthur Askey as Tommy Gander
Richard Murdoch as Teddy Deakin
Kathleen Harrison as Miss Bourne
Peter Murray-Hill as Richard G. Winthrop
Carole Lynne as Jackie Winthrop
Morland Graham as Dr. Sterling
Betty Jardine as Edna
Stuart Latham as Herbert
Herbert Lomas as Saul Hodgkin
Raymond Huntley as John Price
Linden Travers as Julia Price
D.J. Williams as Ben Isaacs
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All Classic Video