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Music videos using any form of animation.

Music videos using any form of animation.
Jordan Jacobs
Jan 8, 2013
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Playlist image by Mike Polizos
Helen Reddy - Angie Baby
Laurie Frantjeskos

Like, zoinks Scoob.

This song=whack... and belongs in:

1. Down Under- allowing the Aus-some Reddy to represent her homeland.
2. The Padded Cell- given that the seemingly schizoid/schizotypal title character maintains no relationships, prefers social isolation and creates her own rich, fantasy world inspired by (and ripe with hallucinations of) pop music and its musicians.
3. Radio- Angie's radio is the doorway through which she can enter her fantasy world. Thus, she spends most of her time in her bedroom- withdrawing from reality and "tuning in" to 70's pop paradise.
4. The Graveyard Service- since the video’s animator- the amazing John Wilson- passed away this June. I will probably post some of his other vids here as well.

This song was always popular- but Wilson’s animation perfectly sets off its trip- so I’m placing it here.
**Look out for: Disney-esque phallic symbols and mucho pop star cameos.
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