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Armada Music

Armada Music

906 Posts

This Playlist features posts by Armada Music on YouTube. Follow this Playlist to see new updates in your Feed.

This Playlist features posts by Armada Music on YouTube. Follow this Playlist to see new updates in your Feed.
Armada Music
Dec 11, 2015
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Armada Music - Franklin - Wet Blue Jeans
Armada Music

Franklin - Wet Blue Jeans

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The life of world travel can be a lonely one, and it can also be the most poetic and beautiful thing imaginable. Western Australia lends itself to these mixed emotions, partly because the region is just so damn empty anyways. But of course, it’s not the people, it’s not the location, it’s always that there’s a girl involved, isn’t it? Yes, after one of the best parties of his life, The Bearded Man stepped out into a raging thunderstorm to find himself. He was head over heels for someone, and it seemed like there was no way he could ever have her. She was in love with someone else. A lone wooden pier stretched out into the churning ocean of Cottesloe Beach, and disastrous waves crashed on top of the rickety dock with enormous force as rain dumped down in sheets. There wasn’t another soul out there for miles. He had his cell phone, wallet and keys in his pocket, but he didn’t care. He walked out to the end of the pier, and each wave that crashed over him nearly knocked him off the pier to certain death. He welcomed the force of each wave, screaming at the ocean like a mad man, tempting God: “Is that the best you can do!?!?!” He yelled. He knew full well that it wasn’t the best the ocean could do and that he was but a tiny insignificant speck compared to the enormous universal energy. After he had been pummeled by about a dozen bone-shattering waves, he clawed his way back inland to the shore. Completely soaked, he walked over 5 miles in the pouring rain to the house of the girl he loved. It was 3 A.M. He knocked on her wooden front door, afraid and excited, and he watched as a lone light switched on from within. She was about to open the door…

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