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Art Exhibits Around Los Angeles?

Art Exhibits Around Los Angeles?

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LA is a great city for art. Let's share the exhibits we're most looking forward to, and reviews of the ones we love.

LA is a great city for art. Let's share the exhibits we're most looking forward to, and reviews of the ones we love.
Deenah Vollmer
Nov 4, 2015
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Arden Surdam And Meghan Gordon - Studio Cooking
Deenah Vollmer

Art that is a lot like eating and hanging out

Yesterday afternoon, lured by the promise of food, something to do, and the weird realization that I only live an eight minute drive from Pasadena, I headed to the Armory Center for the Arts for an event described on Facebook as "an ensemble music rehearsal, discussion, and meal hosted by Eric Kim and Kathleen Kim," set for 3:30 on a Wednesday. In the upstairs mezzanine gallery, I arrived to two dogs that resembled wolves, a table set with a large pot of beans, one of rice, two bottles of sake, and platter upon platter of uncooked meat (chicken) and vegetables (okra, gingko nuts, mushrooms, asperagus) beautifully arranged on small skewers. A few people were milling about, setting up musical instruments: a couple keyboards, a violin, a basket of miscellaneous percussion, a microphone, and the smallest electric guitar I've ever seen. It felt like we walked into the wrong place, or were too early, or something, but we were greeted warmly and asked to take a handmade ceramic bowl from the shelf that certainly looked more like artwork than kitchenware and help ourselves to the beans and rice, which were ready, though the grills were not. Scattered around the floor were four hibachi grills warming up, a dangerous obstacle for the dogs, the toddlers who were soon to arrive, and the adults alike, but the food looked great and so seemed worth it. As more people came, the event relaxed into what felt like a private party, which was exactly the point. Everyone was open, friendly. I talked to all the artists about their art practices, which seemed to be mainly immaterial and experience oriented. Everyday I seem to have discussions with people about sharing economy, connection as currency, and intimacy in art, which is great, because it's basically my favorite topic. Everyone I spoke to had moved from New York sometime in the past five years. At some point, a jam session started, drone-y and cacophonous, as people played with one hand and kept the toddlers away from the grills and the dogs away from the meat with the other. I wondered what the eight-year-olds in the art class below the mezzanine were thinking about all the strange noises. It was great! They're doing a brunch Saturday. I think I'll go!

Studio Cooking
November 10 - 15, 2015

Studio Cooking with Arden Ellis Surdam and Meghan Gordon will create a temporary studio kitchen using cooking equipment borrowed from artists' studios. Each day of the residency, a different chef-artist, -writer, -curator, or -performer will present a unique meal-event. Performers and guests will assemble over mini fridges, toaster ovens, hot plates, coffee makers, rice cookers, blenders, and microwaves, and will eat from Orr Herz's handcrafted ceramic bowls, all while enjoying performance and discussions. Meal-events will be prepared by Páll Haukur, Eric Kim, David Bell, Lisa Jugert, Amanda Katz, and Studio Cooking. All meal-events will take place in the Armory Mezzanine. RSVP to and make inquiries at: studiocookinginfo@gmail.com.

Events throughout the week with a
Public Three Course Meal-Lecture-Performance Delivered by Surdam and Gordon
Sunday, November 15th, 12-5pm

RSVP required to studiocookinginfo@gmail.com
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Art Exhibits Around Los Angeles?