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The New Sound of Nashville?
24 Frames
EVERYTHING'S BETTER: AN INTERVIEW WITH JASON ISBELL. Although Jason Isbell has been around a few roots music blocks over the past 15 or so years -- as both a member of the Drive-By Truckers and a solo artist -- it was his 2013 album, Southeastern, that brought him truly widespread acclaim. The song cycle emerged after Isbell went to rehab for his alcohol addiction. And it's a doozy … an Americana Award-winning, critically acclaimed doozy. Read more.
Milq Music Archive
The New Sound of Nashville?
Out to Sea
MY LEAST FAVORITE LIFE: A CONVERSATION WITH TRUE DETECTIVE'S LERA LYNN. Fans of HBO’s critically acclaimed crime show, True Detective, are well aware of Lera Lynn, the remarkably talented singer whose original songs set the tone for a number of scenes in the show’s diviest of dive bars, the Black Rose. She took a few minutes to tell us how she landed the role; what it’s like to work with the show’s music supervisor, T Bone Burnett; and where we can find the songs she wrote for the show. Read more.