Do You Wanna Dance?
Digging deep in a dog-eared box of 45s... As a music-hungry, open-eared 10 year old, I poured through my mom's forgotten box of 45s (an empty department store stock, Hershey Chocolate Bar box -- still have it and them). There was the enjoyable but somehow too distant, novelty-ish Patti Page, Perry Como and Ricky Nelson. I found Barry Freeman's original 1958 single of "Do You Wanna Dance" to be a little more my "style"... then I dug further and found another version from 1965 (was mom following the evolution/revolution?). The lead vocal is by middle brother Dennis Wilson and Brian is exploring more Spector-like sounds. I didn't know all this trivia yet, but it blew my mind and almost blew my little Zenith speakers. (ps. less than 10 years later I was rockin' The Ramones version)
I love that your mom was your progenitor in crate digging and following threads of musical evolutions.